facebook avatars

An original take on the facebook avatar icon to represent myself. I consider this a self-portrait, since these illustrations represent not only my work as an artist, but also depict some people, events and situations that are part of who I am.

facebook avatars
"self-portrait" illustrations
These are some illustrations that I have created for use on my personal facebook page. By transforming the original fb avatar-icon, I have produced a number of characters that represent some of the people that have influenced me as an artist. They also depict my sense of humor and reflect the way I feel about particular events.
The challenge is on keeping some recognizable elements of the base illustration and dress-it-up to create the “multifaceted me.”
I hope you enjoy them!
first, let's get rid of that ridiculous haircut
i told you!!
me, as rené magritte
me, as salvador dalí
me, as david hockney
me, as pablo picasso
me, as van gogh
a little tweet told me
celebrating the mexican holiday "day of the dead" — día de los muertos
celebrating xmas 2011 — season greetings
wear a hoodie day
day of the dead 2012 - dia de los muertos 2012
me, as john lennon
me, as alex delarge • homage to stanley kubrick and malcolm mcdowell
homage to luis buñuel and salvador dalí • based on the movie "un chien andalou" "un perro andaluz" (1929)
that solves one problem, now we know who batman is, but how's the luchador?
it has been a great summer. thank you global warming!
day of the dead 2013 - dia de los muertos 2013
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