fundraising • mail campaign

A half letter size mail piece that not only works as a brochure, but also includes a tear-off form and a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope for the convenience of potential donors. A QR code provides access to a web splash page for the convenience of online donation and additional information.

Fundraising campaign mail piece - This is a printed piece that works not only as a brochure but also includes a tear-off fundraising form and a self-addressed return envelope. The piece was designed with a QR code that directs users to a websplash page that shows a video and provides access to online donations.
side a) brochure with tear-off fundraising form and self-addressed envelope.
side b) brochure with tear-off fundraising form and self-addressed envelope.
cover + front/back spread
back cover + front cover
inside panels with envelope folded over + back panels
inside spread showing tear-off form + self-addressed envelope
brochure outer panels
envelope back
full inside spread with tear-off form
websplash accessed via the QR code printed on the brochure
Disclaimer • Some samples in this portfolio may include illustrations, images or design concepts by other artists and are included because they are part of the final overall design. These elements are the property of their respective owners. All other artwork is credited and copyrighted to © OAXACA STUDIO.
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